LED lighting for bathrooms

LED lighting for bathrooms

LED lights come in many different variations and modes of brightness, and can be used for things like roofs, mirrors, and walls. This means there’s a lot we can do to tailor our home to our needs, and the mood we would like to create in each room. 

We work hard to give, as our tagline says, “The Best Information about LED lights.” To achieve this, we regularly contact and take inspiration from a lot of different home designers, electricians, and normal people with beautifully lit homes. The media we use include email, websites, and even Facebook and Instagram. 

In the following paragraphs, we go into a few ideas on how to use LED lighting for bathrooms to create the kind of mood and feel that you want. Keywords are sleek, clean, and unique.

Mirror light strips

The first bathroom lighting idea we want to share is LED light strips for your mirror. This can give a sleek look and works perfectly with an otherwise dark room. Check out this Pinterest idea we found as an example. 

LED downlights

To give your bathroom a more clean and simple style, the Norwegian electrical company Bergen Elektro og Varme recommends LED downlights. They perform all kinds of electrical work in people’s homes, and on their website Elektriker i Bergen, they feature good examples of LED lighting.

Selective lighting

Another really cool lighting method we discovered when browsing Instagram is selective lighting. This means that you install lights in a certain part of your bathroom, for example behind the bathtub, on the sink, or even inside the shelves as we found in this Instagram picture

There you have it! We are sure you found something of interest, and would be happy to get some pictures in case you choose to try out some of the ideas.

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